In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:1
We say we want to worship God and to know Him; so the first thought that comes to our minds is the existence of God, because, as we all know full well, there are many people who tell us they do not believe in it. It is not so much that we are concerned with them and their arguments as that, from our own standpoint, it is essential that we should be clear in our thinking about this subject.
The Bible does not argue about the existence of God--it declares it. The Bible does not give us any proofs of the existence of God--it assumes it. Take that opening phrase of the Bible. Genesis does not start by saying, "Well, by the following proofs we establish the existence of God, and because He was existent, we establish that at the beginning He created...." Not at all! "In the beginning God created...." It just states His existence and His being.
Some theological books present a number of "proofs" of the being and existence of God. There is the so-called cosmological argument, which is an argument from nature: Every effect has a cause. Then there is the argument from order and design, called the teleological argument, which says that everything leads up to something--that is clearly evident. Then there is the moral argument, which concludes that our awareness of good and bad, our sense of right and wrong, point to the existence of a moral God.
Now what the Bible teaches about such arguments is that they can never create faith. They are useful in a negative sense, but they will never lead to faith; and according to the Scriptures, no one can believe in God without faith, without the inward work of the Holy Spirit that leads to faith.