The Rhema AG Church is situated at Madambakkam village just three kilometers from the mother Church. This branch, headed by Pastor B.V. Moses and Mrs. Selva Mary, was started in the year 1998, presently has a membership of 110 persons. The members gather on Sundays and other days in a thatched shed on the rooftop of a rented house. All the members especially the boys are very much devoted to the Lord and participate actively in all Church programs.


This branch was started in the year 2004 and is headed by Pastor. Rajkumar and Mrs. Nirmala Rajkumar. They have two daughters aged 16 years and 13 Years. This branch, right from inception had undergone lot of problems from the public (predominantly from Hindu groups) and had to shift from one rented place to another owing to opposition from the neighbours. Due to this frequent change in location the Church presently has only 30 members. Given a place of our own there is tremendous scope for further growth as the Pastor and the members are so much zealous for the Lord.


This branch, christened ‘The hundred fold AG Church’ was started in the year 2004, has a membership of about 60 persons. Pastor M. Devaraj and Mrs. Karunya Devaraj has three children. This branch is located in a coastal village surrounded by daily wage- labours and construction workers. However the present members are very devoted to the Lord and active in the Church. This Church too is housed in a rented shed.


This is a house Church with a membership of about 25 persons. Presently Pastor Rajkumar of Nemillycherry is taking care of this Church. We look forward to posting a new independent Pastor in this Church.


This Church headed by Pastor M. Samuel and Mrs. Stella Samuel, has a membership of about 35 persons. They have two children Stanley and Franklin. This Church also does not have a permanent place to worship in and gather on Sundays.


Located in a fishing village and headed by Pastor. Phillip, this branch has a membership of about 35 believers all very much dedicated to the work of the Lord. They are all presently gathering in a thatched shed in a rented place.


This house Church is presently handled by Brother Chinnaraj, under the pastor-ship of Pastor M. Devaraj of Chemancherry. Current membership is about 15 members who gather for Prayer in the house of Br. Chinnaraj.

Tambaram, Kadaperi:

Comforter AG Church, 15 believers are attending the Church. Healing services are conducted for mainly those who are affected by HIV. Headed by Pr.Samuel Pushparaj


A House Church is conducted on every Sundays. Many are attending the Church.